Cedar Mill Group Q2 2023 Update

In the events world Q2 is often the quiet period but for Cedar Mill Group it was anything but.

Cedar Mill Founder and Director Paul Lambess, with CEO Kyle McKendry and team members Ewen Craig and Andrew McKinnon, headed to C2 in Montreal during the quarter. As guests of BEworks, behavioural Science Consultants, the team were thrown into the amazing and diverse community of innovators, thought leaders, and creative minds to explore the intersection of commerce and creativity. Inspired by C2 Montreal and BEworks, we continued our path of exchanging ideas, with an emphasis on creativity, innovation, and collaboration to use in our companies.

The team went on to visit several venues in the US, with the highlight being the Orion in Huntsville Alabama. A venue that has been designed from the ground up with the artist and the patron at the forefront. Absorbing the workings of these venues as the team did, ideas will definitely see their way into our venues as they continue to progress, to which with steel being delivered and concrete being poured are definitely taking shape. Again thanks to Ryan Murphy from tvg hospitality, and City of Huntsville’s Music Officer Matt Mandrella, who showed us around their venue. 

The Cedar Mill Group team venue visit in the US

The teams have had an extremely busy quarter despite heading into the winter season. They have continued to supply a suite of services to a broad range of clients. Cedar Mill Security has supplied training services in Bangkok for the APAC region of a multinational, to counter terrorism consulting locally. SEAA continue to supply security services to RAC arena and the botanical gardens, while again working on Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour: Madame Butterfly marking the 12th year working with Opera Australia. The events team have supplied project management services to DreamHack, an esports and lifestyle festival and support staff to FIFA Women’s World Cup via iEDM.

Great work from Cedar Mill Venue’s Nation Manager Andrew McKinnon, CrewCare’s chairperson who with the Crew Care team were able to obtain a Creative Victoria grant of $190,000 to fund the third iteration of Weasle Eicke Scholarship Program. CrewCare, a not-for-profit, volunteer-run organisation dedicated to improving the welfare of all production workers in the live music sector.

The next quarter will see our teams supply services as diverse as risk management — from Mt Isa Rodeo to Sydney Motor Sport Park; vent management planning and security services from Cahill Express Way on New Year’s Eve; to the run of stadium tours across the country as the summer season kicks in. 

This is all as Cedar Mill Lake Macquarie continues to take shape!

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